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Local contractor offers smart and budget-friendly solutions for seniors and those having physical disabilities

Columbus, OH — The HandyPro AIM approach has earned approval among area seniors and aging homeowners who have a desire to go on residing in their own home but have need for better mobility and accessibility. The local bathroom remodeling specialist with HandyPro Handyman Service installs the essential products and devices like walk-in tubs and roll in showers designed to create a pleasant and independent home setting.

The special AIM approach introduced by HandyPro Handyman Service ( ensures each customer’s distinct needs with a budget-friendly style. AIM, (Assess, Inform, Modify), has turned out to be the solution to a rising need for bathroom remodeling, walk in bathtubs, roll-in showers and other types of home modification services for people approaching retirement age. Tom Mills, owner of HandyPro Handyman Service is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist serving to satisfy this growing demand.

The AIM approach leads off with a free at home assessment including a total walk-through and evaluation. The handyman will ascertain the products required to design a safe and secure house based on the customer’s individual needs as he concentrates on three fundamental areas:

• Movability within and out of the home
• Access to daily necessities and hygienics
• Safety and security which is the main focus in all home modification options

As soon as the overview is complete the Aging in Place Specialist ( will talk about his solution to supply the necessary remodeling and devices needed. Additionally, he will go over the proper and safe use and care of the new products and accessories. His objective is to be sure the cost of the job is budget-friendly and performed in a timely manner.

Through the entire home modification task the handyman will be in communication with the client to guarantee total satisfaction and peace of mind. Tom Mills’ latest emphasis is bathroom remodeling service featuring walk in bath tubs.

About HandyPro Handyman Services:
HandyPro is a full service handyman offering house repairs and add-ons, business property repair and facility maintenance. Home modification service and bathroom remodeling is their current distinguishing feature. HandyPro understands the necessity for senior home modification is frequently pressing and the Aging in Place Specialist is prepared to perform promptly to provide a prompt option to the need for a safe, accessible and barrier free home. HandyPro is committed to helping senior citizens and those with living with disabilities dwell safely and comfortably in their own home.


Tom and Laurie Mills
HandyPro Handyman Services
4694 Cemetery Road
Hilliard, OH 43026
Tel: 614-707-7037
Toll Free: 800-942-6394

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The Wizard points out how periodic care goes a very long way and just why dryer repair service is not often the solution to dryer functioning problems

Sacramento, CA — The local dryer vent cleaning expert indicates how dryer repair may not be the solution to a commonly experienced clothes dryer dilemma. Calling a dryer repair tech may possibly wind up costing extra money, particularly if they are not equipped to address the problem. Some dryer problems, such as increased drying duration, have to be resolved by a certified dryer exhaust technician, not an appliance service. In truth, a dryer repair technician is very likely to charge a service fee for identifying a clogged dryer duct and afterwards advise a dryer vent cleaning company to handle the problem.

As explained by Gina Fazil, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Sacramento (, most dryer performance concerns are the outcome of an obstructed dryer vent or merely poor air flow caused by incorrect dryer vent installation or the use of substandard material. A clogged dryer vent is typically the reason for poor dryer operation and only a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning service will rectify this problem. Increased drying time as a result of poor airflow is often caused by a blocked dryer vent. Lint accumulation is often the culprit and only a professional dryer exhaust technician should be contracted for dryer vent cleaning service.

In contrast to popular belief, extended drying cycles are not generated by aging or wear. Even an older dryer should be capable of drying a load of laundry in an hour or less. If the dryer starts taking longer to accomplish its job then the Wizard advises arranging a dryer vent inspection in lieu of calling a dryer repair technician.

According to the Wizard, other signs that indicate the need for dryer vent cleaning service consist of: increased heat and dampness in the utility room, clothing come out quite hot to the touch or the dryer is hot when operating, a moldy or charred odor during dryer operation, very little or no lint on the lint filter or too much lint stuck on clothes. All of these are indications of a clogged dryer vent and when left unattended, can bring on higher energy bills or even worse, a dryer fire!

Dryer Vent Wizard is the most qualified dryer vent service expert in the country with more than 60 independently owned locations in primary market areas. Check out to find out more.

About Dryer Vent Wizard:
Dryer Vent Wizard, founded in 2004, is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the largest establishment of certified dryer exhaust technicians in the US. The Wizard focuses on dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair and dryer vent installation while educating clients about the value of correct dryer maintenance to minimize dryer fires and conserve energy.


Dryer Vent Wizard of Sacramento
Gina M. Fazil/Owner
Elk Grove, CA 95757
Local: 916-431-2011
Toll Free: 888-676-6142

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Have you taken into account how Home Alliance Windows Sarasota and doors might be highlighting and supporting your house this winter? Amid the hotter months, we’re ordinarily fixated on reveling in adventures and respite in the great outdoors; not quite looking forward to the rough cold months. Who could criticize us? In the North, the images of last winter have recently started to fade, and we merely want to take a deep waft of fresh air and take advantage of a little sunshine.

The only point is that this also happens to be the best moment to make sure that the severity of last winter is avoided a little as soon as the season reawakens once again. Try to remember those whistling windows? The ones that have become a little bit less immune to the breezes and cold throughout the years. And lets definitely not overlook the doors that re meant to keep your family secure and protected from the elements; Many years of weather and handling have taken their toll on them as well.

Needless to say, you really don’t prefer to even think of winter today, but similar to planning ahead for that summertime trip that you have been awaiting all spring; it pays to get ahead of the game. The first thing to consider is the reality that installation of windows and doors is much more convenient throughout late spring, summer & early fall. That suggests that you’ll have the ability to get better prices from your installation company– their employees won’t have to be subjected to the extremes of a winter weather repair.

One more factor to consider is that with plenty of people focusing on taking pleasure in the summer– window and door replacement companies are not quite as active. This likewise implies that you’ll be more probable to get a cheaper price on your installation. Yet another factor is that with summertime installations, your home will have less vulnerability to the elements. Lastly, with even less treacherous conditions amid warm seasons, your window or door installation work will definitely be completed even quicker than ordinary. Our new Windows Sarasota video link:

Q & A Discussion with the Wizard pays off as residents find out the necessity of effective dryer cleaning

The Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard knows that times are troublesome and lots of homeowners will handle their own home maintenance efforts instead of hiring them carried out by a professional. The Wizard summarizes why competent dryer vent service is so fundamental to promote safety and energy efficient function of a clothes dryer.

Among the most common questions asked is why someone would pay for professional dryer vent cleaning. He explains that while cleaning a dryer vent is a more simple theory, it is imperative that it be done thoroughly and carefully. The Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard has received comprehensive training and has the tools, equipment and materials to give the most effective dryer vent service to correct dryer vent troubles. Some dryer ducts are long, with bends and turns that will make it challenging to reach all sections so the homeowner will do their best, but regretfully, the overlooked spots are the biggest concern due to the fact that lint goes everywhere.

Some homeowners claim to have never heard of anyone having a dryer fire so they question if it actually is a significant problem. As reported by the US fire Administration’s National Fire Incident Reporting System, approximately 15,500 dryer fires occur each year leading to 34 casualties, 430 personal injuries and over $200 million in property damages.

When asked about warning signs pointing to a dryer vent problem the Wizard explains that increased drying time is one of the most prevalent. When the dryer takes more than one cycles to get laundry dry lint build-up in the dryer vent line is generally the cause of the problem. A moldy odor in clothes might also signify a clogged dryer vent line that will make the dryer work harder and less efficiently.

Dryer Vent Wizard offers dryer vent cleaning, dryer duct rerouting and new dryer vent installation for domestic and commercial clothes dryers. The expense of professional dryer vent inspection and upkeep is little compared with the risk of having a dryer fire. Poorly vented dryers can cost substantially more money to operate. A 10 point dryer vent examination by the Wizard will determine dryer vent issues and provide the basis of a quote and solution.

Even a brand-new dryer will not operate safely and productively if it is connected to an inferior or plugged dryer vent line. Achieve peace of mind by calling the Wizard for a dryer vent assessment and cleaning service soon.