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Local handyman focused on universal design themes makes bathroom more handicap accessible by adding attributes like a walk in tub or roll-in shower with ultra strong grab bars

The bathroom in one room that presents the most significant obstacle to older people or those having certain physical disabilities. The Minneapolis handyman is specifically trained in senior retrofitting so he can add features to greatly improve accessibility and mobility in the bathroom. These changes make a big difference in the lives of aging residents who desire to live at home rather than moving to an assisted care center.

Collin Dickey, owner of HandyPro Handyman Services is a leading Minneapolis walk in tubs installer providing a number of home modification services to help overcome a number of the most prevalent bathroom issues, including small bathrooms with an inconvenient design. The bath tub, toilet and sink lined up along one wall or the tub and shower unit on one side, with vanity and toilet across from it leaving hardly any room in the center makes moving around tough for people who use walkers or wheelchairs. The narrow entrances really don’t make life easy either.

People with practical intentions often make the issue even worse when they add grab bars and hand rails but fail to adequately secure them. This could be dangerous to the elderly person who leans on them for support. A poorly installed grab bar can be more dangerous than not having one at all. Towel bars also need to be installed with fasteners designed to support more weight, primarily if they are positioned where could be grabbed.

The Minneapolis handyman specializes in senior home customization with universal design fundamentals to provide the best solution. There are several ways to overcome accessibility and mobility concerns in the home including adding another bathroom or upgrading the existing bathroom to meet the individual needs of the resident. Solutions delivered by the bathroom remodel experts at HandyPro Handyman Service include:

• Broader entry door applying lever-style handles rather than traditional door knobs
• Ample floor space near and leading to bath tub, shower, sink and toilet
• Wheelchair accessible with lots of turnaround space
• Roll-in shower or walk in bath
• Sink constructed with leg space under it for seated use

For many individuals on a modest income a full bathroom remodel is out of the question; but, there are many simple fixes that can make a difference including round corners, slip-resistant floors, single lever faucet handles and adequate lighting with rocker style switches. HandyPro will send their specially trained bathroom remodel contractor to provide a free assessment and consultation to come up with the solution that works best for the customer and fits in their budget. Visit to find out more.

About HandyPro Handyman Service:
HandyPro bathroom renovation experts offer personalized home modification for elderly people who cannot reside in their house as it is currently designed. The handyman can add the fundamental systems and fixtures aimed to create a secure and independent living surrounding. HandyPro Handyman Service is recognized for their AIM procedure in senior home renovation, Assess, Inform and Modify to enhance the lifestyle for a physically challenged homeowner.

Two generations of families in Iowa appreciate the highest quality water filtration and most inexpensive water softening choices

Iowa Soft Water is the prominent Des Moines water softener professional in the state furnishing business and domestic water treatment devices. They have served the state of Iowa for over 40 years, installing water softeners and drinking water filtration systems in homes and businesses.

Two generations of families in Iowa are getting the highest quality water filtration and water softening options. “After all, we would only use the best products in our own home, so we feel as if it is our responsibility to offer only the most advanced options to our customers,” said Owner, TJ Riley. Products offered by Iowa Soft Water include:

• Water softeners to remove minerals from water for improved taste and longer-lasting water using appliances

• Reverse osmosis units to purify drinking water by removing 99 % of pollutants

• Water purification systems to economically and environmentally enrich water quality

Iowa Soft Water is an authorized vendor of Hellenbrand water treatment solutions, providing sales, service and installation of water softeners, reverse osmosis devices and water conditioning products. Their skillful Des Moines water softener technicians are qualified to service all makes and models of water softening and reverse osmosis drinking water systems.

Iowa Soft Water stays on the forefront of the latest water treatment technology so area residents and business owners trust their competence to guide them in making the best water treatment choice for their home or business. Check out to read more.

About Iowa Soft Water:
Iowa Soft Water supplies a large variety of water treatment items such as reverse osmosis water filter devices and home water softeners. They perform free water assessments and consultations for homes and businesses. Iowa Soft Water is a registered Hellenbrand retailer and member of the Better Business Bureau and the National Water Quality Association. They have been welcome guests, exhibiting their products at the Iowa State Fair and Des Moines Home and Garden Show.

With the help of the local handyman the concerns on the downside are relieved to make the walk-in bathtub the suitable solution for the aging or disabled homeowner

A common bathroom with a step-in bath tub and traditional configuration can make it hard for aging or disabled people. With the rising number of seniors who prefer to live in their own home instead of in an assisted care establishment comes the need for upgraded accessibility and maneuverability in the bathroom. If assisted living homes can have walk-in baths and barrier free showers, why not houses?

Walk in bathtubs Dallas specialist explains how they are outfitted with an entry door so the user has access without having to step over the side to get in. When closed the door seals up tight to keep water from leaking. Walk in tubs can be emptied fairly quickly for ease or emergency exit. A walk in tub must be expertly installed to promote optimal function and safety.

Aaron Abbott, owner of HandyPro Handyman Services, supplies ADA compliant senior home upgrading applying universal design innovations including walk-in tubs and barrier free showers. Walk in tubs allow numerous advantages as well as their safe entry style. Walk in bathtubs make bath time easier for people with mobility issues with attributes like slip prevention, handrails and comfortable seating. Walk in tubs can come with a variety of added components including bubble jets and adjustable shower heads. A walk in bathtub will add value to a property if is located in a retirement neighborhood.

There could be a few negative aspects to walk in tubs however the pros exceed the cons. The user has to enter the bath tub and close door before filling it with water so it might be a bit cool as they wait for it to fill up. Because of their large size the homeowner may need to get a bigger water heater installed. Waiting for the tub to drain before exiting is another issue.

Walk-in bathtub companies have made some advancements to address these difficulties with better temperature controls, rapid-fill faucets and quick draining; but, this innovation can add to the cost of installing a walk in bath tub. Walk in bathtubs can be found in an assortment of models to fit different bathroom sizes and configurations. For example, a more compact bathroom could need a walk in bathtub with a door that swings inward.

Contractors with HandyPro Handyman Services are Certified Aging in Place Specialists who will provide a free home consultation to present the strategy that works best for the individual, their home and their budget. See to find out more.

About HandyPro Handyman Service:
HandyPro offers ADA Compliant senior home modification. Their certified and insured builders can provide a multitude of home modification projects to enhance accessibility and mobility in the home consisting of door widening, adding railings, and full home remodeling projects that require air filtering accessories or changing HVAC systems. No job too big, no job too small. HandyPro recognizes the need for prompt home modification so they are prepared to take action very quickly and competently to produce a safe and accessible, barrier-free residing environment.