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Ovens usually have a great service life without even a single repair, provided you maintain them properly. But in an event that your oven doesn’t work like it should, or doesn’t work at all, follow our oven repair tips to troubleshoot and conduct basic repairs. Today we will discuss one of the major issue when it comes to malfunctioning of gas or electric oven – the burner or heating system.
Cleaning the burner in a gas oven.
Burners in gas ovens usually face the issue of food spilling into them and clogging the gas ports eventually. Its a very common issue, which is noticed when your burner fails to ignite or provide enough heat. It is essential that you clean the burner occasionally to avoid any further expensive repairs that may arise due to poor maintenance. Here’s how you should clean the burner –
> Turn off the power/gas supply before beginning anything.
> Remove the burner, or the burner ring and take a good look at the ports to asses the clogging.
> Prepare a solution of mild detergent and water. Soak the burner in it for 10-15 minutes to loosen up any hardened food residue.
> Finally clean the burner with a soft dry cloth. Refrain from using toothbrush/toothpicks to clear the gas ports as the fiber or wood may get stuck in the hole leading to a more serious blockage.
> Dry the burner in the sun removing any moisture from it. Once dried, place it on the oven, turn on the supply and let it run for a moment before shutting it down or using it.
If the problem still persists, seek professional service to repair your oven. While oven repair tips can help you in some common issues, do not open or repair something which you aren’t sure about.

Replacing fuse in electric oven.
Just like burners, a blown out fuse is common in electric ovens. Usually electric ovens have their own circuit breakers or fuse and thus may not start up even when the power is turned on. Its easy to check to the fuse or circuit breaker and replace/reset it –
> While most ovens have their fuse assembly under the cooktop. You can gain access to it by lifting the top, removing the drip pans or looking for an opening in the sides of the cabinet.
> Locate the fuse and check if its blown out.
> There is also a chance that your oven has a separate fuse system for its lighting, range heating and timer functions. If these functions don’t work while the rest of the oven does, then there is a possibility that the additional fuse might have blown.
> Once located and checked, replace them or in case of a circuit breaker – press the reset button on the control panel. Make a note to replace the fuse only with a similar type and exact electrical rating.

There is a good chance that the problem might not just be a blown fuse and a clogged burner, while its imperative you check both anyways. Feel free to check the rest of our blog to find any more oven repair tips or contact professional appliance repairing service in case you can’t identify the issue.

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