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Small business loans for women


In an era that has seen more equalization and less discrimination, why is it that women who set out to start and run their own businesses are still experiencing a disproportionate amount of financial resources when compared to their male counterparts who are looking to start and run their own business? One would think that with all of the advancements that our country has made, that no matter what the color or sex of a business owner might be, the options and opportunities for success would pretty much be the same across the board. Unfortunately, this is not yet true. When it comes to the larger financial institutions, the old way of thinking is considerably prevalent. It’s almost as if there is a board room of old codgers approving or disapproving of every loan that comes through their bank.


Even in an age where teenagers are being funded to the tune of millions of dollars for new websites and apps, women are still being left behind. But, there are now proper and fitting sources for small business loans for women. With the recent development of a number of websites that are catering to smaller businesses with less operational history and weaker credit ratings than what is traditionally looked at with larger financial services, a substantial and meaningful door has been opened for women in business to finally be able to obtain much-needed financing; just as any man can with a growing business and a decent track record.


One of the sites that we are familiar with that provide small business loans for women is highlighted below. They extolled the virtues of providing a source of financing for smaller companies that have not yet met the requirements of the larger banks and institutions. These types of sites realize that a small company must first walk before it can run, and in order to get going it business has to start somewhere. By providing small business loans for women these companies are providing equal opportunity for success; which is what this country is literally all about. These financial sources focus on the ability for the small business owner to repay the loan, but in an entirely different manner from traditional banks. Banks will focus on, not only cash flow but on the assets that they can take if a business should fall short on repaying their loans. But, these lenders focus on the success of the business as opposed to the possibility of failure. By having a keen focus on the success of the entrepreneur, these financial sources can do more to help the business owner to succeed and grow – creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved. This is what commercial banking should be in the new millennium, but is largely being missed by the majority of the industry.